Pre & Post Condition Survey

A pre-condition survey is a visual photographic documentation of existing conditions of adjacent structures and landscaping features (public or private) prior to the commencement of construction activities. The distance of the survey from the construction zone is dependent on local by-laws and project authority’s recommendations; however, the survey is not mandatory but highly recommended. The survey is typically carried out in high-resolution digital camera or video format and includes recording of cosmetic and structural defects such as, but not limited to, cracks, settlement, building movement, water damage, etc.

The pre-condition survey is one of the precautionary measures implemented on construction projects to assist contractors and building owners in the event of a damage claim.

The post-condition survey is conducted in the same fashion as the pre-condition survey following the completion of construction activities. The documentation obtained from both surveys is reviewed and utilized to address any adjacent structures’ issues that have arisen during the course of construction.

The pre and post-blast survey procedures are similar to the pre and post-construction surveys; however, the pre-blast survey is mandatory prior to the use of explosives. The blasting contractor requires the survey in order to comply with municipal and provincial bylaws as well as to maintain their insurance coverage.

The distance of the survey with respect to the blasting site is also dependent on bylaws and project authority’s recommendations.

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