Asbestos is the name used for a group of fibrous minerals that occur naturally in soil and rock. Asbestos fibres were formerly used (primarily for thermal insulating and fireproofing purposes) in roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, asbestos cement products, gaskets, insulation, paper products, and other building and thermal insulating products.

At Blastek Engineering Group we have surveyed numerous structures of varying complexity to determine the presence and condition of asbestos containing materials. Our projects range from major commercial building complexes, institutional buildings, to Government buildings, residential building complexes and industrial building complexes.

We provide the following expert services to accommodate our client’s needs:

  • Building Surveys determine the Presence and Condition of Asbestos Containing Materials.
  • Development of Asbestos Management Programs
  • Design of Asbestos Abatement Programs.
  • Preparation of Contract Specifications and Bid Evaluations.
  • Project Remediation Management and Supervision.
  • Clearance Inspection and Air Monitoring Services.
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