Excess Soil Management

Government environmental legislation is continuing to increase requirements for businesses to meet rigorous regulations surrounding the management of excess and excavated soil. Ontario is one of the leading provinces moving this legislation forward, especially when it comes to the development of public and private properties. Ontario Regulation 406/19 describes the province’s new rules for the management of both on-site and off-site excess soils, which include assessment of past and current uses for the source site and surrounding properties, the development of sampling programs and analytical parameters, soil characterization and reporting, as well as the tracking of soil movement.

At Blastek Engineering Group, we provide environmental solutions designed to meet your site-specific goals and in accordance with regulatory requirements. We offer soil and groundwater testing and analytical interpretations of the governing regulations. Subsequently, we implement numerous innovative expert solutions for in-situ management and contaminant controls, including biological, physical, or chemical treatment for on-site soils, groundwater, and various other remediation solutions. We also prepare site-specific environmental risk-based standards incorporating local site conditions and control measures when cleanup is not feasible.

Our Direct services include the following:

  • Initial Environmental Investigations to identify source site’s past land use and to determine if any areas of potential environmental concern (APEC) exist that would trigger more robust investigation and characterization of excess soils.
  • Assessing and advising on the quality of excess soil at your site to determine a favourable reuse of those soils either at your site or a third-party reuse site.
  • We can assist in the development of fill and excess soil management plans, tracking and registration of soils, verification sampling and the documentation required for the due diligence of incoming soils.
  • Providing the required source site documentation, movement reports, and assisting with streamlining the registration of those soils for transportation to a reuse site.
  • Provide assistance in obtaining Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for the development of a Class 1 soil management site (both soil banks and soil processing sites).
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