Indoor Air Quality

At Blastek Engineering Group, our talented staff can provide answers to all your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns, ranging from building-related illnesses, nuisance odor complaints, water infiltration, carbon gases, particulate matter, and mold assessment to HVAC system testing. Our team of engineers, building scientists, health and safety professionals, and construction experts provide a superior level of service, comprised of comprehensive expertise in indoor air quality investigations, air and surface sampling/testing, remediation design services, and solutions that are tailored to your site-specific indoor environmental concerns. The Blastek team is well versed in building science technology to help understand and determine the causes of sick building syndrome and the health implications caused by poor Indoor Air Quality. We provide the following services to accommodate the needs of our clients:

  • Carbon Dioxide Testing and Monitoring.
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing and Monitoring.
  • Particulate in the Air Testing.
  • Temperature and Humidity Testing.
  • Combustible Gases Testing.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) Testing.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Testing.
  • Biological Compounds Testing.
  • Radon Testing and Monitoring.
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