Designated Substance & Hazardous Materials

Designated Substances in the Province of Ontario are defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) as a biological, chemical, or physical agent or combination thereof, to which the exposure of a worker is prohibited, regulated, restricted, limited, or controlled. OHSA requires property owners to determine whether any designated substances and hazardous materials are present at the project Site and prepare an inventory of all designated substances and health hazardous materials present.

At Blastek Engineering Group we provide exceptional Designated Substance Services such as:

  • On-site Inspection services for the presence of designated substance containing
  • Building Materials Sampling and laboratory testing.
  • Preparation of Designated Substance Management Plans.
  • Preparation of electronic Building Hazardous Materials Inventory/database.
  • Designated Substance remediation/Abatement Plans.
  • Preparation of remediation/abatement specifications and tender documents.
  • Remediation of work inspections and monitoring.
  • Post remediation work clearance testing.
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