With over 15 years of hands-on experience, we service our clients with high quality engineering in blasting, vibrations and water overpressure monitoring as well as pre and post construction surveys. Whether you are blasting in an urban or rural setting, we have you covered!

At Blastek, we employee top notch engineers and support staff to provide top notch service to our clients and the blasting industry.   Blastek engineers will provides you with site specific blast design and onsite help to improve rock fragmentation while reducing vibration and other environmental impacts.   With over 15 years of hands-on experience, Blastek brings a high quality of service to our clients with professionalism and trust. 




Regardless of the source of vibrations, whether it is from construction operations, blasting activities, local traffic, etc, Blastek’s vibration monitoring specialists, engineers and technicians are fully trained to develop and execute a vibration monitoring plan to evaluate and monitor the impact of vibration on nearby structures, buildings (heritage or new) as well as buried infrastructure.

Supervised Onsite Monitoring or Remote Monitoring, Blastek’s trained staff uses state of the art equipment to ensure that ground vibration is properly recorded and promptly reported with no delays.   Our remote monitoring stations include wireless modems that allow for the automatic transmission of vibration data through email alerts.  Furthermore, onsite alert systems are also available to warn site crew of exceeding vibration levels. 



Blasting operations and its practice including laws and regulations have evolved over the years to improve safety measure to protect workers, nearby structures and the public.  However, it does not only stop there, laws have been put in place to protect fish, marine mammals and their habitats.  Blasting in water bodies or shorelines can cause severe and irreversible damage to fish habitats.  It is very crucial that water overpressure is closely monitored during blasting operations.  Blastek engineers will provide monitoring services in water bodies to ensure your project’s successful completion and in compliance with local and government bylaws and regulations.



A pre-construction survey is a visual photographic documentation of the existing condition of adjacent buildings and structures prior to the commencement of construction activities.  All visible cracks and defects (cosmetic or structural), settlement, water damage etc. will be documented through the use of high resolution digital photographs which allows our engineers to better investigate damage claims in comparison to videographic documentation.

In addition to the building survey, our professional team will also document landscaping features that will be affected by construction such as driveways, sod, flower beds, retaining walls, etc.

In all cases, the pre-construction survey serves as an important tool in assisting engineers in resolving justified and unjustified damage claims as they arise. 



Based on the results of the pre-construction survey, any significant foundation cracks noted can be monitored on a regular basis during construction activities.   Depending on the requirements, crack monitoring can be carried out by utilizing various specialized equipment such as Tell-Tale Crack Monitor or Electrical Crack Meter.    



A post-construction survey is typically carried out once major construction activities are completed or if any adjacent buildings or structures show signs of movement or settlement.  The purpose of the post-construction survey is to compare existing building condition with the previously documented condition to determine whether there are newly noted deficiencies and if so determine whether these deficiencies are related to construction activities or naturally occurring.